I run workshops on an ad hoc basis either here in my workroom or at your beading place.  As long as there’s a minimum of 1 person I will teach!

For workshops at your venue I charge a £100 daily teaching fee and the cost of the kit(s) chosen.  This includes the use of any tools necessary for the day.  Plus, if there is travel involved then I charge 40p per mile after the first 80 miles in a round trip.

Workshops can include the following

    • Triple Leaf Hanger – learn five basic bead embroidery stitches – outline/chain/sequin/edge and picot

      Triple Leaf Hanger
      Triple Leaf Hanger
    • Medallion Sampler – in this workshop you can either make a bookmark or  mini sampler hanger – you will learn 7 basic bead embroidery stitches – outline/pebble/chain/sequin/whipped running/edge and picot


    • Bookmark/Hanger

You could always choose a kit from our range and do that on a workshop day – however, most kits take more than one day to complete so don’t expect to go home with a finished item!

So, if you’re interested in learning bead embroidery then please give me either a call or an email to set up a day!  Contact details are here