OK.  Feet back on the ground, or rather back under the desk!  Since the end of April it has been attend show/replenish stock/attend show/replenish stock …….

We were at Haydock at the end of April, then I was teaching two days at the Bead Workers’ Guild show in Daventry followed by their bead bazaar, then off we went with the caravan to Peterborough for a lace fair.  We got back last week, unloaded the caravan, had to attend to an important (but thankfully happy) hospital appointment and then relax.  Aaaaaah!

So now I feel like getting back to the coal face and my brain has started to think up new designs already.  But first things first.

I am on the cliff edge of publishing my first silk e-book and then the relevant Book In A Bag.  It is a sewing set of 7 items, all fashioned in ivory Dupion silk with gold and ivory beadwork.  The scissor sheath was one of the classes I taught at Daventry and has been a best seller in the past.  But now it is teamed up with 6 other items to make a book or complete kit (and I’ve already got a waiting list for that!)








I have no idea how much the e-book will be – Amazon tend to set the price for that.  But the Book In A Bag, which will contain the printed instructions, all fabrics, beads, thread, needles, ribbons, and other bits and pieces, to make all 7 items will cost £75.00 plus P&P.  It will be for sale in the next couple of weeks – I’m still waiting for a bead delivery!  Hey Ho.

But if you wish to have just the printed instructions then that will be for sale too – not everyone has a Kindle or can work from their laptop!

While waiting I shall be uploading all the new kits that were showcased at the bead & lace fairs just visited.  And there’s lots more news to write about.  I shall be re-starting my newsletter shortly so if you wish to receive the latest goss then just email me and I will add you to the list!

Bye for now!