It’s been a really busy week here at The Jacobeadery.  I feel I have actually achieved something and made steps in the right direction.

So what’s been happening?  Well …..

  • I’ve signed up for Yvonne Radley’s Blogging workshop, an area in which I need help
  • I’m also part of Yvonne’s Dream Life Academy and am slowly getting to grips with Instagram
  • A couple of weeks ago I joined the Association For Creative Industries and will be getting a business mentor to help with pushing The Jacobeadery in the direction I want, or at least tell me if it’s possible!
  • I met up with friend Barbara who gave me an idea of how to tweak an existing product in something new – watch this space!
  • I met up with 5 other friends – who I hadn’t seen for over 41 years when we were all in college.  Lots to catch up on and we’ll be meeting again, and again, and again…….
  • Despite not cutting enough fabric (twice!) I managed to hobble together two Pocket Hussifs (i.e. small  travelling sewing kit).  These are part of the Next Steps Chatelaine Collection which is composed of 7 items.  I am teaching the Scissor Sheath at Daventry (Great British Bead Show) in May and will be revamping 4 more items, with another new one too.  All will be included in the ‘Book In A Bag’ range too
Part of the Next Steps range


On the downside our garden resembles a battlefield with all the stuff from the garage.  We are waiting for the roofing people to come and replace our garage roof but it’s trying my patience!  The garage will be transformed into my work room where I can then run workshops.  I want in!

So now I’m getting down to sewing a pincushion – boring?  Been done before?  No and yes.  It’s how it’s decorated that’s different.  Will be ready for showing off next week.