Well, things have really been happening here – and not all to the good.  We recently had to change our car, which meant a new tow bar for towing the caravan (obvious?).  We are going to France for a few weeks soon but decided to have a Hudson Bay Start (dry run, sort of) to check everything worked OK.  We’d already established that the lights on both car and caravan were in synch, so we packed the caravan, hitched up to the car and started off – but got no further than that.  The electrics on the car just went!  No lights, no dashboard stuff – nothing.  So there we were in the middle of the road and unable to move either caravan or car.

Did I fall apart?  Just a little.  I phoned the tow bar people who eventually sent the boss out to have a look.  It turned out they had connected the tow bar electrics to a fuse in the car that couldn’t take it and blew as soon as the engine started.  New fuse duly fitted and off we went only to sit in a motorway queue that took 2 hours to cover 10 miles.  Happy summertime motoring.  Eventually got to the site and had a good rest.

Come going home time, hitching up the caravan caused another problem – the jockey wheel on the front of the caravan came apart in hubbie Mac’s hands – literally!  Luckily it’s not needed to tow the caravan so we hot wheeled it back up the M6 to the caravan dealers who put it all back together again in a minute flat!  #feeling foolish!

But better all that happening before our trip to France, which is going to be a challenge for me, never having driven on the wrong side of the road before – at least, not intentionally!  Hey ho.  What will be …….

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  1. Don’t worry about driving on the wrong side of the road, it’s actually very easy and French roads are so much emptier than the UK, it’s usually a pleasure to drive over there. If you haven’t done it at all before, just stay in the inside lane for a few miles to build confidence and you’ll be fine. Enjoy your holiday.

    1. Comforting words Joan – thank you! I found it much less of a challenge than anticipated – even when going around roundabouts. The holiday was an adventure and has given us a taste of caravanning abroad – next year Spain hopefully, or at least southern France.

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