Hubbie and I decided to take a weekend break recently. It hadn’t been a good week for either of us so we thought we’d get away for a couple of days. We had been talking about visiting Halifax (doesn’t everyone?) only because I wanted to see the Piece Hall which had been used in the Antiques Roadshow. And it wasn’t too far up the M62 for us to travel.

So Thursday night I booked the hotel through Expedia. First time I’d used this website. It seemed easy enough. Chose the hotel, filled in all our details, when arriving/leaving etc. And we got a reservation email saying all was done and to arrive after 2 for checking in.

So the following Saturday arrived and off we set, tootling down the M62 which we had many times before. SatNav got us a bit lost (it definitely wasn’t me!) and we eventually found the hotel, after driving up a corkscrew of a road that wasn’t tarmac-ed – it was still cobbled!! Played havoc with the shock absorbers!

But we pulled into the hotel car park. And then went into reception. No one around except twin boys who were making their presence well and truly felt. Eventually a lady arrived and we explained that, although we were a bit early (only 2 hours) we thought we’d check in and then go off into Halifax.

But there was no record of our reservation! Nix, nada, nowt. After punching the keyboard the woman finally found the notification from Expedia but then had to tell us that they were already fully booked! Homeless! She went round the corner from reception and spoke into her mobile for a few minutes then returned and said that, although they were full that night due to a 60th birthday party being held there, we could have the bridal suite but would have to move the next night to another room for someone else to sleep there.

Mmmmm. Not happy. The twins were by this time running riot and I could see hubbie Mac getting agitated. So I said thanks, but no we wouldn’t take up her offer. But then as we were about to leave she offered to find us alternative accommodation which she did. In a better hotel for us – walking distance to Halifax centre and the Piece Hall, close to all amenities such as restaurants and pubs. Sorted.

So it turned out better than we were expecting. No noise from twins or birthday party, no having to move rooms and closer to where we wanted to see. We had a good weekend away after all.

Just wondering though, what would you have done? Would you have stayed at the first hotel, gone back home or tried to find another place to stay? Let me know below.

But our next trip away is with the caravan so no problems there.