It’s been a long hard slog over the winter but we’re nearly there – I have been busy writing/designing/beading and can now see the end-of-the-tunnel-light!  And what have I been up to?

Writing a bead embroidery course which I shall be launching at Beads Up North bead fair on April 23rd at Haydock Racecourse.  It consists of 5 modules and teaches over 30 different bead embroidery stitches.  At the end of the 5 month course (a module is sent out every month) each student will have made 5 projects, learned all those embroidery stitches, have researched and gathered information about beads etc., – in other words, will have more than enough knowledge and skills to go on to design their own bead embroidery items.  And I’m not talking about necklaces and bracelets either.  Useful everyday items that have bead embroidery or crazy patchwork bead embroidery on them.

And students won’t have to pay everything up front – 5 payments – 1 per month.  How good is that?

There will be a dedicated website for this course – but for the time being it is being sold under the banner of The Jacobeadery.

For more information please contact me at – or see you at Haydock on 23rd April.

P.S.  We are also going to other fairs too so don’t worry if you can’t make Haydock – Daventry, Wetherby, Nantwich ……..