Yup!  That’s me – in the title – all up in the air.  There is so much going on in The Jacobeadery  at the moment that I don’t know what to do first – so nothing gets done at all.  Know the feeling?

So what’s happening? (- it’s not all Jacobeadery stuff by the way and not in any order of importance)

  • Moving the workroom from downstairs to upstairs – this means there will be more spaces available for future workshops here
  • Packing up all the Millinery Academy stuff to put into storage until things are more settled
  • Talking to a well-known supplier about running some workshops at their place
  • New designs being thought of quicker than I can even make a prototype
  • I’ve recently bought the Lutterloh System for making dressmaking patterns and have finally been able to make something that actually fits – I’m now so inspired with it that I had fabrics, sewing machine and patterns spread out in what space there was available in the workroom i.e. other than new design prototypes etc.  That’s all been packed away until after the move.
  • Making plans to attend the first ever fair to showcase The Jacobeadery – more news on that as it happens, thinking positively
  • Sad news – Dad died at the end of April but it’s not too sad really.  He was 94 and was suffering badly with Alzheimer’s, so I lost him many years ago to be honest.  But it was still a shock.

Add to that that I put my back out last week taking a photograph of a new bookmark pattern and this is the first time I’ve been able to sit and type.  And I’m in pain and not nice to live with at the moment.  Especially as there’s so much to do (see list above!)

So next time I write here I hope to be telling you all about new workshops and products.  Until then, keep embeadering!