Good News :  New Range Nearly Ready!

Been busy beading away over the Christmas days getting the new simpler range ready.  I’ve decided on 11 designs from the current range but made using Patchwork cotton fabrics.  These items will give an easier introduction to The Jacobeadery bead embroidery with only up to 3 stitches to master.

Basic Kits will be available soon with either CD or printed instructions.   I am also aiming to put all these designs into my first book which is exciting – for me anyway!

Designs done so far are:

  • Phone Case
  • Desk Set of Pencil Holder/Pen Tray/Memo Block
  • Notebook Cover
  • Pencil Case
  • Card Holder
  • Tags
  • Fobs – as a Dangly/Tablescape/Bookmark
  • Needle Book
  • Scissor Sheath
  • Pod Pincusion
  • Pocket Hussif

Full Kits will be available when I have sourced a supply of Patchwork Cottons

Now for the Not-So Good News – prices are going up for the current Basic and Full Kits.  We have kept the same amounts for the past two years absorbing all price increases whenever they came in but have had to make the decision to now alter our prices as from January 1st 2018.