Well, I thought I’d have something exciting to share with you all today but unfortunately not.

After nearly 4 weeks I have finally been told that The Jacobeadery products are not memorable.

Way back in November I approached one of the UK’s TV craft channels to see if they were interested in my demonstrating and selling The Jacobeadery stuff.  All went well until just after the New Year when things went quiet at their end.  Finally, after my sending emails to all and sundry someone totally new replied and things got under way again.  Samples were sent and returned and all was hanging on the finance meeting.  It was supposed to be early February, then a week later, then a week after that – then no phone calls even when promised.  Until this afternoon when they told me that The Jacobeadery wasn’t memorable enough for them, that they didn’t think they could sell enough to break even and therefore wouldn’t make enough profit and that the demonstration wouldn’t end with a wow enough product in the time allowed.

So I’m afraid that I cut into the spiel from Ms. TV channel and thanked her for calling me – eventually, and put the phone down.  Reactions – varied.  Negative and positive.  Will I stop embeadering?  Not on your life.  E-books, kits and CDs are in the offing so watch the site.

And the catty thought :  said TV channel will be renowned for only flashy, cheap products