There I was – all scheduled out for the next 12 weeks to get new designs done and in kits, 2 books to be written and lots of other goodies on the list – and what happens?  Hubbie goes and fractures his fibula.  I know it doesn’t sound much, but for those not in the know – it’s the smaller of the two lower leg bones and his has split just above the ankle.  His lower leg is in plaster and, because he can’t put any pressure on said leg i.e. can’t walk, and because there is a 6″ step into the house – he’s housebound.  And so am I.

Well, I hear you ask – how does that stop you from working?  And the answer is – I have to be on hand to help him with everything – and I mean everything (although he can switch the TV on by himself).  So I am unable to get into the zone for anything as I will have to frequently leave said thing.

Oh woe is me!!!  Anyway, the worst is over and he is getting better at hopping around with his frame.  My heart goes to him sometimes because his nickname was Billy Whizz – he usually zips around like the speed of light.  The downside is that we had to cancel our trip to two trade shows last weekend but the upside is that …….  I’ll fill that in when I think of something!

So, I’m a week behind with my 12 week plan.  Luckily I factored in some leeway for unforeseen events.


P.S.  I’m catching up on a lot of reading – that’s an upside!