What a horrible few months it has been here at The Jacobeadery.  But now we’re all A-OK and going strong.  Hubbie Mac is now walking albeit a bit slower than before, but he’s mobile and able to drive.  His car that is – not me up the wall anymore!

We’ve been to two bead fairs recently which was a bonus as I’d thought we might not be able to make it, but we did and we enjoyed ourselves.  The first was at Haydock organised by the Halfpenney’s and always a good event.  The second was the Great British Bead Show at Daventry organised by the Beadworkers Guild.  Again a fun time and new friends made.  I was able to showcase the new, revised Beadability Bead Embroidery Course which went down well last year but has been updated and organised better for this year.  Lessons learned and all that jazz!

The modules are arranged as follows:

1 – Basics.  This is a stand-alone module that can be taken on its own and the stitches are those used most by other bead embroiderers.

2 – Closed Lines – stitches that I feel are a ‘closed up’ style like Whipped Running and Overlapped Bugles

3 – Open Lines – these are most easily recognised as being thread embroidery stitches but using beads – fern, feather etc.

4 – Florals – different ways to bead embroider flowers

5 – Patterns – this one is not much different from a previous module but two more stitches are added from other ‘old’ modules.

6 – Sequins stitches, then the final module-cum-project is to design/embroider the front of and then assemble the Sampler Portfolio.

So, a more logical portfolio will be made by having similar stitches together on the same page.  Colourways are Heather, Red or French Navy.

The projects for each module have also been changed with the exception of the Heart Fridge Magnets and final portfolio assembly.

The next step is to re do all the Silks Collection as, during making the Cottons Collection items, I have found better ways to make things.  First on the list is the Silks Business Card Holder so must go and at least hoop-up!