Hi to all!  I’ve been so busy, busy, busy these last few weeks – months even, that I’m at long last able to get back to ‘normal’ things.  I’m not able to confirm my exciting news yet – final approval has yet to be given but as soon as any news is available I’ll be tapping away to post.

BUT I have had time to design something at least.  I’ve been wanting to do some Jacobeadery jewellery for a while now but have never been inspired to concentrate on just that.  Until last week when a photograph in a trade journal hit me – and I’ve translated it into my style of bracelet.  What do you think?

The first picture shows the bracelet, or rather cuff, with just a plain edge.  The second I’ve added the picot edge, which I prefer.

Jacobeadery bracelet

Quatrefoil cuff with picot edge