Your Start Up Kit consists of items useful/necessary to complete the Beadability Bead Embroidery course :

  • Table Clamp
  • 8″ Hoop
  • Bias Binding to cover hoop
  • Double Sided Tape
  • PVA glue
  • Gel Pen
  • Piercing Tool
  • Bead Mat
  • Mini Foldover Clips
  • Pins
  • 6″ Plastic Ruler
  • Poly wallet
  • Screwdriver
  1.  Table clamp Рthis is to hold your hoop on a square edge table.  PLEASE Рif you use your best dining table as a work surface then protect it against the table clamp by putting material between the table edges and screw clamp
  2. 8″ Hoop – to hold the silk and lining for every Module
  3. Bias binding – you will need to cover the inner ring of your embroidery hoops
  4. Double Sided Tape – for use during Projects
  5. PVA glue – you will need to buy a small inexpensive paint brush when using this glue during Projects
  6. Gel Pen – for marking designs on silk
  7. Piercing Tool – for making holes in fabric during Projects
  8. Screwdriver – for tightening the hoop
  9. Bead Mat – to prevent your beads from rolling onto the floor
  10. Mini Foldover Clip – to hold fabric in place during assembly of items
  11. Pins – to hold silk out of the way when hooped up
  12. 6″ Ruler – to measure in inches in case any centimetre measurements are not included – I’m a pre-decimalisation body
  13. Poly Wallet – for holding your Stitch Samples from Modules 1 – 5 while awaiting assembly into your Folder

What is not included, and you may need :

  • Lever Arch File for Manual
  • Wide dividers for Manual
  • Plastic sleeves for holding papers in Manual
  • Hole punch if not using plastic sleeves in Manual
  • Mini Iron (Clover)
  • Scissors – embroidery, paper, applique