Recently I was in contact with a good friend from Networking days – and when I say Networking – it was serious networking – (very) early mornings not really compensated by cooked breakfasts.  But my change in career meant that this part of the business wasn’t necessary any more and I lost contact with many in the local business community.

But then this good friend made contact about a new group he had started, which was definitely not run along the lines of previous groups we’d both been involved in.  I was intrigued so decided to go along.  And of course, I had to have all the usual bits that go with networking, didn’t I.

  • Business cards – check
  • Business card holder – check
  • Business card folder – check
  • Name tag – ………blank!

I couldn’t use my old name tag – it had the network name blazoned across the holder.  I didn’t want to use a bland, plastic sleeve hung around my neck – I had to make one – a Jacobeadery one!

Frantic printing, drawing, scanning, reprinting, then sewing and beading.  All done.  Phew!

The day before said networking I was meeting a female friend for lunch and took name tag along to show her, and she said she was duly impressed, bless her.  When I got home I thought I had lost it – handbag rummaging came up with nothing.  Phone calls to the restaurant – they’d not found anything either.  Last rummage in the handbag – there it was, hiding in a pocket with a hole in it and it had fallen through the lining.  Another phew!

So the networking meeting day came along and I duly suited up – dressed to impress of course, complete with name tag.  Now the way this networking group is being run is all down to recommendations from the members themselves – a lot of the ‘old’ ways were definitely off the list.  And, guess what?  Yes, no name tags.  So I was the only one there proudly displaying my name to the world.  Which I didn’t mind really because it showed what The Jacobeadery was all about and a name tag has been on my To Design list for a good few months now.

So here it is in all its glory.

Name Tag

Photographs and instructions will follow probably next month (December) as I’m now cutting kit stuff for the Nantwich show next weekend.

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