Hubbie and I attended the craft trade show at the NEC on Monday. To make it easier for him we also booked an overnight stay so that we could go to the Caravan show on the next day.

This trade show is only once a year and for me is the ideal opportunity to find new contacts/inspiration etc. It’s usually packed to the rafters with all sorts of craft wholesalers: papercraft, needlecraft and a lot of other craft too. But this year – oh, what a disappointment for me. No bead stands at all. Very few ‘other’ crafts – it was 95% yarn and fabric. Which if you’re a knitting/patchwork/garment retailer is brilliant. And the number of big wholesalers was down too. So, the question is ‘Why?’

Lots of possible answers –

  • Brexit uncertainty (that’s the easy get-out for many firms nowadays)
  • The cost of exhibiting
  • Not even asked

And I very much doubt I would get a straight answer from the organisers either – I haven’t in the past when I’ve complained about something – such as having to pay to park! That happened a few years’ back – for a trade show that was absolutely a no-no. Thankfully I visited another show on at the same time so was able to quote a visit to that show which meant I didn’t have to pay. And I’m sure other retailers complained too because the next and subsequent years it was free.

At the end of the day I did gain some good info but I wonder about next year. Time will tell.

2 Replies to “Soooo Disappointed!”

  1. it’s too late now, but for next year – the website had a full list of the exhibitor and told you what field they were in.

    1. Yes I know and I did look this year. But it wasn’t until I was walking around that I realised just how many more/new yarn and fabric stands there were. I suppose CHSI are trying to get back to the name ‘Stitches’ which the show is still called. I shall just have to dig out last year’s guide! And then there’s always the consumer shows …..

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