Final show for 2019 done and dusted with plans and workshop bookings for 2020 already written in the diary in ink.  Thoughts turning towards more immediate things however such as :

Christmas Table Setting.  I try to make a different table setting each year.  Some have been good; some OK and some I didn’t even take photos of!  Plans were that we’d have a new conservatory where a real dining table would be situated, which meant I could use the ‘family heirloom’ crockery.  (This is an 84 piece set of a Noritake dinner service that I inherited from my mother and just don’t have the setting for it).

But fate conspired against us and our builders let us down which means work won’t start until January 2020.

Alas, it’s still the boring, 2nd hand, painted drop leaf table that we’ve had for years, and years, and years.

And because we had totally emptied the existing conservatory ready for demolition it means that we have no carpet on the floor and just a bare minimum of furniture.

So, not very conducive to staging a festive occasion.  But then, all the more reason to stage one, isn’t it?

I have therefore bought pale blue Dupion silk and will make table setting stuff using silver floss and Miyuki beads.  I’m leaning towards trying to incorporate the wired flower technique I have used recently and hope that it isn’t too feminine for hubbie Mac.   My signature Quatrefoil stitch will be showing up I daresay.


I’ve also been designing/playing around with other Christmas things such as the napkin rings below.  And then there are the Christmas trees I’ve been embroidering – they’re at the top of this page as I haven’t worked out how to place them down here!

So it just remains for me to wish you a very Happy Christmas and Joyous New Year.


Manda xx