You may know that we’re doing a garage makeover so that I have a workroom where I can run my own workshops.  In the past it has not been possible as I work in our boarded-out loft and, as the floor (ceiling downstairs) hasn’t been reinforced, I’ve been loath to invite more than two people at a time.  Not good.

At first we had to have a new roof because the old one contained asbestos.  That was taken care of a few months ago and the place is all watertight.  (Ish!  But that’s another story!)

We then had to measure up for insulation for the walls and ceilings and we got such varied advice from all directions that we weren’t sure of what to buy.  But we whittled it down and bought OSB board and fibre glass insulation for the walls and hard foam type insulation boards for the ceiling.  (This last stuff I used to use to make hat blocks!)

We’ve put the fibre glass and OSB boards up then went away for a short break in the caravan with the intention of finishing off the ceiling on our return.  Unfortunately my back ‘went’ and we’re no further forward than we were a month ago.

And another studio view showing the ceiling

But are we downhearted?  A bit, but we should be getting the ceiling done this coming week.  Then we’re off again for a week so the electrics won’t be done until July.

As the title says, Slow but Sure!