But I can’t let the cat out the bag yet – not until mid October.  I am mega excited about this and can’t wait to let people know.  However lips are sealed.

What I can tell you is that the first Cottons Collection book will be on Amazon Kindle by the end of August.  It’s all photographed, written up and formatted.  Just need to get all the tiny glitches sorted and we’re good to go!

The first book in the series is a five part Chatelaine consisting of a Scissor Sheath, Pod Pincushion, Needle Book, Tape Drum and Pocket Hussif.

The second one will be the Organised Handbag giving the how to on making a Pen Case, Glasses/Phone Case, Notebook Cover, Business Card Holder and Tags.

The third one is called the Decorated Desktop.  I’ve got four out of the five items made and one yet to be decided – Pen Tray, Pencil Holder, Memo Block Holder, Perpetual Calendar and ……..?

Then it’s on to the Silks Collection series but that will be 2019 I think.  Lots of ideas for that whirling around in my brain.