With all 2017 bead fairs done and dusted it’s time for me to review/revise/update things.  Over the past year I’ve listened to comments from customers and peers and realised that a complete overhaul of The Jacobeadery is required – from products to website.  And that is what I have been doing this last few weeks.

People have been wary about tackling what looks like very complicated bead embroidery so I have simplified (or working my way through simplifying) all the current products.  These will be made using patchwork cottons and just 3 or less bead embroidery stitches.  There will also be a new range just for pincushions in this category.

The next level of kits will include up to 6 different stitches and the level after that is what is already available.

So – 3 levels for most of the current kits.  Step 1.

Step 2 is to convert the CD of instructions into written instructions which can then be available in printed format.  That is proving to be a real challenge.  However, when all are converted each theme will then be available as a book on Amazon Kindle/iPad etc.  The next challenge!

Step 3 is to re-do the website.  This can be done almost immediately as I have planned all the pages out.  But I’m in creative mode so this admin-ish side will be done in a few weeks’ time.

Next year will also see a few more changes to the business, but that’s still in the pipeline and not totally formalised yet.  TBC!

So it’s back to beading for the time being!