There are times when a bead has just had enough.  Enough thread has gone through that it can only take one more pass – but then the needle eye is wider than just the thread and that won’t pass through.  Bead broken?

Sometimes, especially when edge/picot stitching, it is best just to bypass that bead and go through an adjacent one.  But there are times when only that bead will do.  So how do you get around this problem?

It’s the same when you’re trying to pass a beading needle through some quite thick fabric – whether it’s where folds meet, where glue might be lurking or the fabric itself.  Again, how do you solve this problem?

By using the trusty flat nose pliers.

Place the plier blades around the needle as close to the fabric as you can get them.  Don’t try to pull by the tip of the needle – you could break it and, as slim as a beading needle is, the tips are virtually impossible to find if they fall to the floor.  And they hurt when found unintentionally.  And not just by humans.

So, place the blades around the needle away from the tip and pull gently.

If there’s not enough needle to get hold of to pull it through the fabric/bead then go to the other side and push.  A little at a time.  Gently.  Holding the fabric firm.  Until there is enough needle to pull through then revert to the first side again.

Easy peasy.