We’re doing a lot of – or rather planning to do a lot of – TLC on our home this year.  I’ve got plans for every room in the house (read bungalow) plus the garage-come-stockroom.  This one is the first on the list.  Originally we were going to get it totally knocked down and rebuilt a bit bigger but then we were let down by 2 builders who were too busy to even give us a quote, so we had a rethink.

The existing roof does have asbestos in it – it was built in the 1970s and all garages seem to have had this type of roof.  Nothing major – we could remove it ourselves but I can’t see me climbing around a roof heaving off large sheets of old corrugated roofing stuff.  So we have a quote for the removal of the roof and are now needing one for the replacement as we’re going to keep the old walls and just vamp it up.  But in order to get a quote for the new roof the builders need to see how the old roof was fastened to the walls.

So this last week I’ve been filling large plastic bags with stuff to go to the tip (6 trips so far), plastic storage boxes of items to be given to charity/shops, and stuff I want to keep.

Then there was the big debate about where we could store this stuff I want to keep.  The answer?  The multi purpose summer house

Multi purpose Summer House!

As you can see, it is rather full to bursting!  And the stockroom/garage looks like this now

Sad, very sad


This is hubbie’s work – removing the side chipboard panelling so that he could get to the chipboard ceiling.  But he also had to disconnect the electricity so there are extension leads all over the place for the small freezer and tumble dryer which live out there.

So now we wait for the re-roofing quote and decide where we go from there.