Yes, we’re in the new workroom which is now called The Beadery.  Because we’ve also decided to change other names as it was getting a tad confusing.

The Jacobeadery is still the overall name of the business and site – but it also covers items made using Dupion Silk fabric with many bead embroidery stitch embellishments.

What is new is that the Cottons Collection will now be listed under the new name of The Patchwork Beadery.  This covers all items made using Patchwork Cottons whether embellished with just edge beading or more stitches, such as in the case of crazy patchwork.


So –

  • The Patchwork Beadery = Patchwork Cottons etc
  • The Jacobeadery = Dupion Silk


It now means that similar items can be showcased together to give people the option of the easy intro range (Patchwork Beadery) or to jump right in and have a go at a more complicated design (Jacobeadery)

It also makes setting up a stall at a fair much easier

(I must admit that I was tempted to start a new website called The Patchwork Beadery but I think that would have been OTT with the organising of things.  I have been known to organise to the nth degree in the past!  KISS)


The next bit of news is that I shall be making up a list of workshops to be held here at The Beadery starting February 2020.  So watch out for that news nearer the time.  Don’t forget that I am also available for workshops at your place too.

Now I must get ready for the Pudsey Lace Fair this weekend (19th October) and the Big Textile Show at Leicester next weekend (26th/27th October).  If you’re around come on over and have a chat.

So – bye for now!