You’re ready for more of a bead embroidery challenge and that’s what this collection is all about.

It’s the bit between using Patchwork Cottons with bead embroidered edges and the multi-stitched designs of the updated Silks Collection (now rebranded as Next Steps Plus)

There are currently 4 new patterns for the designs in this range (images coming soon):

  • Quatrefoil Diamond
  • Quatrefoil Cord
  • Celtic
  • Sashiko

The items featuring these designs will be (i.e. the usual suspects!) :

  • Pen Cases
  • Glasses Cases
  • Phone Cases
  • Purse
  • Notebook Covers – patterns, leaves and monograms galore!
  • Business Card Holder (or just Card Holder without the magnetic closure)

So – the choice will be – choose a design, choose an item and you’re good to go! All the material quantities will be listed, with how to instructions on everything required