There are a lot of beaders who have never used Nymo – not just through choice either.  I have found other threads better to use when beading weaving, especially if the item will be quite heavy in weight.  But for The Jacobeadery way of bead embroidery Nymo is ideal.  There are lots of colours to choose from which either complements the fabric or beads being used, or contrasts with them.  So I use it every time.

But if you’ve never used it there is one very important thing you must do before threading up.  And that is to stretch it.  The first few lengths off the reel are not very way and this lulls you into thinking the thread is ready for use.   But not so.

Even fresh off the reel thread needs to be stretched.  And I mean stretched.  Sometimes it breaks when doing this so just throw that bit away and cut anew.

I tend to stretch in sections, a bit at a time, down to the end and then back again.

Either way is good.  And it always amazes me how much it does straighten.

After stretching the thread many beaders like to condition Nymo and they used to do this using Thread Heaven.  Unfortunately this product is, at the time of writing this, no longer available but I believe beeswax is a good alternative.  Personally I don’t use anything on the thread itself – I use hand cream a great deal and that tends to rub off, thereby conditioning Nymo by default.