I’ve been working like mad making, photographing and writing instructions ready for the Beads Up North bead fair on 31st July at Haydock.  I envisaged a table full of CDs and kits – but in reality I shall have nothing.

And why is that?  Because I have been let down badly by suppliers, equipment has broken – even brand new laptops!, bits missing from new equipment rendering them unusable, stock sitting in courier warehouses for over a week ………

All of which means that

  • there are no CDs to sell or put in kits – the brand new CD duplicator had bits missing from it
  • there will be no kits as there are no templates – or CD (see above)

But the only bit of good news is that I shall be able to 100% promote the Christmas Bauble (with tassel) 2 day Workshop in August that I shall be co-running with Kathryn Halfpenney.

So if you’re around tomorrow at Haydock come and commiserate with me – we can at least have a good laugh at all the things that have gone wrong these last weeks.