I have long admired the 3D embroidery called stumpwork and have had a few ‘goes’.

My first attempt was using heavy gauge millinery wire and patchwork cotton to make simple flowers.

Not good, as you can see.

Stumpwork Mark I

The next attempt was using finer florist wire with a soft gold silk.  I made a table setting for Christmas which I still have.  The white florets are cut off pieces of Guipure lace.

Glass Tag and Coaster
Napkin and cutlery pocket

As you can see, the flowers are still rather large and very plain.  So I thought I’d have a go at adding some embroidery on the leaves as well as the edge.

Quatrefoil Flower

And that’s where it stood until late last year when I was asked to teach how to make this flower as a brooch.

I don’t know about the ladies who attended but it inspired me to do more so all my silk flower making books from millinery days were dragged out and poured over, templates made and so far, I have made three different, almost realistic flowers

Pansy Brooch

And then I thought I should make something red for the Beadworkers’ Guild tables at bead fairs and exhibitions, so a Quatrefoil flower came out of hiding, leaves and a brooch back were added et voila!  But it looked so paltry, so I designed a box to hold the brooch and sent them to the BWG.

Red Box and Brooch
Red Box Lid and Inner
Red Box
Red Box Lid

I then sent in a couple of tutor submissions for the Great British Bead Show 2021 and had one accepted.  So on the Saturday I shall be teaching how to make the Tudor Rose brooch with templates for a larger picture version.

    Tudor Rose Brooch

And that is it to date.  A plan for more flowers and items are in the pipeline which is keeping me busy during these awful times.

May you all keep safe, and keep beading!