When I first started bead embroidery I did what seemed to be the only way to do this new (to me) hobby – I used different beads and running stitch.  And I made a few what came to be called Brocages – not a brooch or a corsage but somewhere in-between.  I use these brocages as over-the-shoulder scarf holders and can change an OK outfit into something more dramatic.  Anyway, more of that later.

My favourite brocage               Betty Blue

I then decided to make something blingy and bridal.  I searched the internet for shapes that appealed to me and found something that rang a bell.  Sorry – can’t show you as I’ve long filed it somewhere safe and now it’s lost to posterity for ever!  But it reminded me of my Biology classes and the teacher Miss Goodchild.  We were being taught about amoeba and such fascinating things and one creature (?) she spoke about was called a daphne, and this shape I found was just like the schoolroom drawings.  So I decided to use it – adapted of course!

The end result?

The blingy bridal Daphne

But Daphne has been languishing for some years now, hidden away in a plastic file as I didn’t know what to use her as – bridal sash perhaps?  Too heavy.  Brocage?  Not very bendable for over the shoulder.  Now I’ve decided to make her the lid on the top of a long, thin box which can be used to store keepsakes, mementoes of a special day.

Decision made I then took measurements and worked out what to do next i.e. cutting mountboard and silk etc.  Here is my worksheet :

                          Daphne Box workings

And that’s as far as I’ve got.  Those of you who used to receive my newsletter (thanks to GDPR – no more!) will have read all this before but Daphne has been revived to have her box made once more.  And this time it will happen – unless Life gets in the way again!

Now I’m off to make a new cover for my diary with Daphne lurking in the background as a gentle reminder not to forget her again!