I am paranoid about things coming undone.  With thread unravelling and therefore beads being lost, the design ruined.

When I did bead weaving I hated the knotting and then weaving the thread end in and out and around about to hide it.  I never felt happy that it wouldn’t come undone.

And this paranoia followed when I started bead embroidery.  I was OK when there was a tail to know with but, many times, when getting to the end of a piece of embroidery, there’s only the working thread to fasten off.

Oversewing in the middle of a bit of edge beading just isn’t an option.

And then I had an AHA moment.  Make a false start.

By that I mean, when you get to the end of sewing something and there’s no tail to knot your working thread with, then cut off said working thread leaving a reasonable length of tail.  About 6″/15cm will do nicely.  Or as long as yu can use to knot with (hand with me here – it will all become clear!)

Then, with either the remainder of your working thread or a new length, attach this as if you were going to start completely new.  As if adding a new length of thread.  Surgeon’s knot etc.  You will then have three bits of thread – the old tail, the new tail and working thread.  You can now tie the old tail and new tail together, thereby making the end beading secure.  Now take all three tails through the fabric ) or however you hide any tails), and cut off any excesses.

I can’t think why I didn’t think of this when I first started using beads on fabric.  It’s so simple – and obvious.

Now anyway.