But not for about 10 years yet.

So after making that decision I realised I had to get the business in order and systemise it.  I have long been an ardent fan of Michael Gerber and his E Myth series of books and have even attempted to put his advice into practice.  Without success however.  This time I will succeed and when the time comes to sell the biz, The Jacobeadery will be known as the McDonalds of bead embroidery!

So far I’ve made copious notes, highlighted paragraphs in books and written a couple of blogs on my new website (not yet live) about the progress I shall be making.  I have decided to blog about systemising my business because, as a right brain creative, I realise that not all other right brainers can organise.  I am lucky in that I am a multipotentialite which some people might call a Jackie-of-all-trades but I argue that I am a master of some – or at least as much as I wish to be a master!  I hope to help/inspire other right brainers even if it’s only one.

More on this soon