It’s been a busy few weeks (months?) lately but now I can sit back, relax and regroup.  We’ve just returned from a very successful fair  – Makit’s LQN Christmas Fair held at Solihull and now it’s time to take stock, update the website and start thinking about Christmas.  The new Book In A Bag kits will be uploaded in the shop along with just the printed instructions for sale by themselves.  I am unable to offer pdfs yet (downloadable instructions) because Amazon’s T&Cs say I can’t do that until February.  Just as well I checked the site otherwise I would be in a great deal of trouble!

So, no digital copies until next year – sorry folks!  But that is just the Cottons Collection Book In A Bag.  I don’t know if I can offer single projects digitally – will check with Amazon on that.  However, I shall also be working my way through the Silks Collection and will get those for sale as quickly as my little fingers can type!

Just to let you have an idea of the Book In A Bag colours on offer:

These four colours are for the Decorated Desktop and Cased In Cottons

These are the Crimbo 1 and Crimbo 2 colours

And these the Beaded Chatelaine colours

Next year I shall also be working to get the Beadability Bead Embroidery course online so that people can buy just the stitches without any materials etc.  That might possibly be on a separate website – called Beadability of course!

But now it’s time to take stock of kits etc. left, update the shop and add new items.  Hey Ho.