Yes, The Studio is still coming along fine.  All the roof is now insulated (and didn’t we have fun!)

Posts holding blocks in place while the glue sets!

Hubbie Mac is painting the walls as I type.  It will take a few coats to give a good finish but that’s this week taken care of.  We’ll be sorting the electrics next week, then the floor covering – and then the furniture.  I’ve already got a good idea of how I want the room to be set out – book cases to hold complete kits and bits, kitchen units to hold/hide more stuff and worktops both ends as office desking, then two tables that will be for beading on.

So it’s quite exciting here – and then recently I was notified that Knuston Hall in Northants would like me to run a weekend workshop there in October!

AND THEN I attended a Creatives Industry conference in Coventry and met up with some more VERY exciting people – but I can’t/won’t say anything more as it might not happen and I’d look somewhat of a fool.  So don’t hold your breath because nothing is going to happen for at least 6 weeks.  There’s a bit of work to do for this but something else has to be done first – and I can’t tell you anything about that until October.  Not being coy but it’s not my news to tell.

So it’s back to work.