Before Christmas I had the insane idea of making both a Christmas Day table setting as well as a New Year table setting.  Then we decided to go to Spain so all those good intentions went out the window.

Our Christmas table was therefore just a bought in table runner and a big glass bowl full of big tree ornaments.  Matching napkins, napkin holders and coasters completed the festive(ish) look.

But there was still time to prepare for the New Year – so I thought.  I’m experimenting with using different bead embroidery stitches and have realised that Crazy Patchwork is ideal – all those seams are just calling out for beads!  And, during very important Research (Pinterest!) I found a wonderful feather shape, which I duly copied, no doubt breaking all copyright rules.  But as I’m not selling the pattern I’m sort of OK.  I think.

Facebook followers will already have seen the half a table runner

But what I also did manage to make were two cutlery holders.  And here they are – two different bead embroidered crazy patchwork designs.  His and Hers.

The only thing is, in my haste to make the holders I forgot/omitted to measure the cutlery itself, hence the knife and fork overlap.  Better effort next time.

The inner crazy patchwork front holds the cutlery in place while the outer, embroidered front holds the napkin (when they’re embroidered!).  They have a magnetic closure to keep things all together.

They’re a lot wider than many other cutlery holders – but I always use a dessert fork (even for ice cream) so that just had to be included.  I did stop at soup spoon and butter knife.

The cutlery holders are now in use but the table runner…..  Well, that’s another story.