Been getting more books on Amazon Kindle – to date there are 4 Millinery ones (from a previous life) and 4 (5 tomorrow) Cottons Collection ones – I’ve also been getting our new product ‘A Book In A Bag’ ready for December.  This is instead of individual kits which take an age to prepare and assemble.  All those little bits of fabric, Vilene, Bondaweb – and not to mention the beads.  OK, I won’t mention the beads.

A Book In A Bag is based on the Kindle Books and includes all the materials (except mountboard and any toy stuffing required) to make all the items featured in that particular book.  The fabric is now in one piece and the person who buys it has to do all the cutting out.  BUT because I don’t have to do it the price is a lot less than all the individual kits.

The instructions are the same as in the Kindle Books, but now are A4 so there are less pages.  And any boring stuff that seems to be obligatory at the beginning of every book (materials used, tools to employ etc.) have been cut.  If people are interested there is a link to a page on this site where all this really important information (?) is posted to be read.  But less pages to print again  means less cost.  Win Win.

And that is what I am doing while writing this blog post – printing out the four books ready for the launch at the Christmas Fair this Saturday December 1st.  It’s a new type of fair we’re trying out – run by Makit and is being held at Cranmore Park in Solihull.

The BIAB kits are all assembled and boxed up just waiting for the book to be added.  Then it will be a case of bacon butties for lunch and we’re off!