It’s here – finally!  A bead embroidery course that you follow at home

Who is it for?  For those who wish to make more of bead embroidery – more than just necklaces and bracelets.  Here you will learn lots of different stitches – in fact, thread embroidery but with beads.

What do you get?

  • Each month a new module is issued.  Printouts show how to craft new bead embroidery stitches which will be built up into a Sampler Portfolio of 60 different stitches

The pictures above show the modules in the Beadability course – the last one is the making and assembly of the Sampler Portfolio (with just a few extra stitches added)

  • Other sections for inclusion in your Resource Manual :

Housekeeping – this is information provided to you to expand on if wished, or to read then file in your Resource Manual

How To – self explanatory – things you need to know with regard to the completing the course

Research – information for you to find and add to your Manual.  Students will also be tasked with researching bead related information to add to their Resource Manual.  Nothing too strenuous or taxing e.g. bead finishes, sizes, shapes – information easily found on the web.

At the end of the 6 month course the student will have compiled a plethora of information, knowledge and skills to enable her/him to go on to design their own bead embroidered items.

Upon completion of the course you will have

  • a Sampler Portfolio of bead embroidery stitches
Beadability Sampler Portfolio
  • a Resource Manual which will be a fantastic source on all things bead embroidery

Ongoing assessment.  If you wish for your work to be assessed, both the Portfolio and Resource Manual then a further cost will be involved.  Please contact for further information.

For more information about each module follow the links below

Payment – £100.00 initially then £80 per month – 6 payments totalling £500.00 

  • Month 1 – Module 1:  Basics.  £100 – for a one-off course

And then by monthly invoice:

  • Month 2 – Module 2: Closed Lines                                                                    £80
  • Month 3 – Module 3: Open Lines                                                                      £80
  • Month 4 – Module 4: Patterns                                                                           £80
  • Month 5 – Module 5: Flora                                                                                 £80
  • Month 6 – Module 6: Sequin Stitches and Portfolio Assembly                  £80

Each Module also includes a Project which is sent out two weeks after the module.  Full materials and instructions are provided to make an item using the stitches just learned in the module.


Need more information/help?  We’re just a phone call or email away.  Normal office hours of course – 0900 – 1700 Monday – Friday for phone but emails can arrive anytime.  We promise to answer all as soon as possible.