You’ve done all the Research, learned all the How-to bits, had a go at embroidering the stitches, and then made the projects.

So what do you do in this module?  This is where you don’t have to find out anything or how to do anything – except 6 embroidery stitches using sequins.  This module and project are sort-of all in one – this is where you design something as if for a book cover and then assemble all the pages you have been safely storing in your folder and voila!  Your very own Sampler Portfolio!

An example of a Beadability Sampler Portfolio in red

The culmination of 6 months’ work.

You will have:

  • Your Sampler Portfolio fashioned in Dupion silk and embroidered in beads.  Nearly 60 stitches for you to refer to when designing your own items.  The file system offers the opportunity to add more stitches and pages as and when required
  • The Resource Manual you have been slowly building up with information either provided or sourced by yourself.  Something that is live and can be added to when new information pops up!

And when you reach this point there is only one thing to say: