Your first Module and possibly your first introduction to bead embroidery.  Pictures are showing the Heather colourway.

This module can be purchased alone and you will have all the materials needed to complete a set of

the following Stitches :

  • Backstitch
  • 3 variations of Two Needle Couching
  • Outline
  • Chain Stitch x 4
  • Satin
  • Fishbone

Plus two edging stitches:

  • Edge
  • 1 and 2 Pass Picot
Module 1 – line detail
Module 1 – Leaf detail
Module 1 – edging stitches detail







You will learn How To :

  • Cover Hoops
  • Hoop Up Fabric
  • Calculate Fabric Quantity
  • Set Out Your Manual
  • Start and Finish

You will Research :

  • Beads – their sizes, shapes, colours, colour finishes, suppliers and manufacturers.

(Don’t panic, this is over two months as there is a lot of information out there!)

The Project for this module is to make a Leaf Bookmark using Fishbone, Outline, Two Needle Couching and Satin Stitches, with Edge and 2 Pass Picot finish