And you could take the title two ways – a Crazy Patchwork block or (and this is the real meaning here) suffering from Bead Embroidery block – like Writers’ Block y’know.

I’m putting it down to all the machine sewing I’ve been doing lately – our caravan came out of hibernation briefly for her annual service (and yes, she is a she called Carrie). So I took the opportunity to take out all the seating cushions to make covers for them. Not being a sewing machine person they were none too perfect but good enough. But not good enough to take pictures and post here though!

Thankfully Carrie passed her service with no defects or remedial work needed, but then she is only two years old. I’ve got a bit of a moan about the people we bought her from to be honest – we were given the impression that they had to do the annual services to maintain the warranty but when we tried to book for this year any dates were well out of her service due time – it should be February as that was when we bought her. Last year was a minor blip as ‘Is Nibs fractured his fibula and, me not being quite au fait with all the workings of the hitching up etc., we couldn’t take Carrie to have her service done. We checked with the sellers who checked with the manufacturers and it was OK’d that we could delay the service until we could get Carrie on the road, which wasn’t until May. But then when a light was found to be faulty the manufacturer wouldn’t honour the warranty. Huh.

So this year when we couldn’t get her booked in for February we were informed that we could get another registered/certified engineer person to do the service!!! So why didn’t they tell us that last year and we could have got the light done? Grrr.

Anyway, that’s all just a memory now and our mobile caravan engineer man was abso brilliant – would recommend highly, so if you want anything done to a caravan in the North West then contact me and I’ll pass on his details.

Back to The Jacobeadery and my Bead Embroidery block. As the sewing machine had been hauled out of hiding I decided that I would use it to do somewhat larger pieces of crazy patchwork than attempted before – it would be quicker. So I thought. I did mention that I was not a sewing machine person didn’t I? Well, it would have taken me less time to hand sew but then it’s done now. Another learning curve.

So here is what I have done this morning

Crazy Patchwork Cottons for A5 Notebook

Now I’ve to decide which stitches to go along the lines and then assemble into a cover for the notebook. But that won’t be straight away because I have decided to make two more crazy blocks – one in blue and one in green. The blue will be for the new Beadability Sampler Portfolio and the green …. not decided yet.

So I’m not doing any of the items ‘On the List’ but I’m doing something. Hey Ho.