We’ve been to the Bead Workers Guild Bazaar at Daventry and had a wonderful time.  Met old friends and made new ones – with I hope some possibilities of future co-operation between The Jacobeadery and others.  Time will tell.

We’re off to Wetherby this weekend so most of our boxes have been piled up in the front room since Daventry – no point putting them away when they’ve got to come back out again all too soon.  And I daresay they’ll be put back again in the front room as we’re off to Nantwich two weeks after Wetherby – what a busy life it is at the moment.

But then, there’s a lull between Nantwich and our next bead fair which will probably be late autumn – Why?  Because we’re aiming to be away for the whole of September taking our new caravan round France and Spain catching up with friends and relatives who live out there.  Really looking forward to that.  But before then I have plans to design items for a book I have in mind.  It’s still in the note-taking/possibilities stages but once I think of something, unless I realise it’s a total no-goer then it will happen.  More of that in later posts.