Well, I’ve just unwrapped the latest version of The Beadworkers Guild quarterly Journal – and The Jacobeadery is featured in it!  Shock, horror – is that really me and what I do?  (Mind you , hubbie Mac commented on the ‘one-woman band’ bit – ‘What about all the things I do – like making tea, going fishing to keep out of your way – doesn’t that deserve a mention?’)  It is always good to get feedback from other people as to how they perceive you and your work – both good and bad, and I welcome it gladly.  If it’s good then I can carry on doing what I do.  If bad then I have to change something to make it right.

On an encouraging note – the Mini Stocking Advent Calendar will be available for sale next week.  Halfpenney’s Beads (Kathryn & Gordon) and I are hoping to hold a workshop on November 5th making (or starting to make) this calendar – places are limited and the cost should be around £45 which includes all refreshments but not lunch.  (If you’ve not been to a workshop at Halfpenneys yet then you’ll be in for a treat – Gordon is a wiz baker!)

Advent Calendar Green
Advent Calendar Red

Next in line to be on sale will be the wire edge ribbon brooch kit – that hopefully will be the week after the advent calendar.

Wire Edge Ribbon Brooch

So now going to go back through the Journal and read all the other articles while hubbie’s watching football.