The Jacobeadery – where we transform traditional thread embroidery stitches into those using beads and then use these to design beautiful, but functional items

(There’s so much more to bead embroidery than making gorget-style necklaces and bracelets – and to prove that we only have 1 cuff in our entire range.)

All our re-arranging is now complete (!) and we’re properly open for business again.  Here is a summary of the changes we’ve made:

  • The Cottons Collection (the gentle introduction to bead embroidery) has been grouped into a new product called A Book In A Bag – this is the complete kit with printed instructions for the Amazon Kindle e-book.  We are unable to provide downloadable instructions for these 5 books due the Amazon T&C – at least until February 2019.  But individual printed instructions are available by post.
  • The Silks Collection (for the more adventurous) is undergoing a total revamp and current individual kits are now on sale.  Once the stock is gone then no more will be assembled.  However instructions for each design will soon be available either as a download or printed.  This is Work In Progress!

Well, when put like that is doesn’t sound much, does it?  But believe me, it has taken a lot of thought, scrunched up paper and silent screaming to get this far!

On a calmer note – future projects will be designing somewhat larger items than those currently available.  No spoiler alerts here.