The Jacobeadery – where we transform traditional thread embroidery stitches into those using beads and then use these to design beautiful, but functional items

All our re-arranging is now complete (!) and we’re properly open for business again.  Here is a summary of the changes we’ve made:

  • The Cottons Collection (the gentle introduction to bead embroidery) has been grouped into a new product called A Book In A Bag – this is the complete kit with printed instructions for the Amazon Kindle e-book.  We are unable to provide downloadable instructions for these 5 books due the Amazon T&C.  But individual printed instructions are available by post.  There are 5 ‘Books’ in this collection:
    • A Beaded Chatelaine
    • Cased In Cottons
    • The Decorated Desktop
    • Crimbo 1
    • Crimbo 2
  • Next Steps What it says – individual designs that involve more embroidery stitches.  These designs will be available as a download or printed instructions only.
  • Next Steps Plus – The rebranded Silks Collection really – completely updated and refreshed with new additions

And then there’s the new set of books (Work very definitely In Progress) which will incorporate designs from easy to complicated and all points in between.  These are The Collectives books and will be available as e-book or downloads.

Current titles being considered:

  • A Plethora of Pen Cases
  • A Fluff of Feathers
  • A Bounty of Boxes
  • A Pile of Pincushions
  • A Cornucopia of Covers
  • A Lexicon of Letters
  • A Narrative of Notebooks

That’s a few years’ work there, methinks.